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Ever wanted to play a ukulele?  They are great fun and intro to the guitar.

As with the Ukulele and all musical instruments, there are certain foundation chords and rhythms and structures that run through all popular music from the last 80-90 years.
For us wannabe musicians this is great news because with a few chords, some rhythms and a 3 or 4 chord structure we can play literally thousands of songs.
Whether your taste is early blues, country and western,  skiffle, rock and roll, rock, reggae, pop, punk, new wave, indie, dance, house, electronic and what ever genre you can think of during this time span the core ingredients are essentially the same.
Some of you will of course already know this but are maybe still struggling to make it sound like you think it should and these lessons can help you too.  Looking at the way you are playing, the way that suits you and then making it work for you.
The ukulele, as with any musical instrument, is an individual experience and we all approach it is slightly different ways so whether you are just starting out or would like to develop then I would like to help you on your journey.
Below is a short breakdown of the 3 fundamental parts to get you started.  The lessons, of course, will go into more detail and include songs that you enjoy listening to and would like to play.
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Tuning Your Ukulele

The standard tuning for a ukulele is, from the top  string G-C-E-A but unlike a guitar the top string is not the thickest string, in fact it is the 2nd thinnest.
The easiest method is an Electronic Guitar Tuner available online or from any music shop but these days there are countless tuning apps for your smartphone too

The 3 and 4 Chord Trick

The 3 Chord Trick is 3 chords with a specific relationship between them regardless of what key they are in.  You don't need to know the why's and wherefores at this time but C, F and G7 make the 3 Chord Trick in the key of G and we can find easy ways to play these chords when starting out on the ukulele 

4 Beats Per Bar

Most modern songs have 4 or 3 Beats to a bar, or each section of a song.  When starting out we can just do a single strum down the strings with our thumb and count 4 so Strum-2-3-4 where Strum is the 1st count.  We can also do Strum-2-3 for 3 time songs.
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